Bendigo linear creek walk

Flying foxes at Rosalind Park

The conservatory at Rosalind park

Bendigo skyline from the lookout tower

Cricket on Queen Elizabeth Oval

Track around Lake Weeroona

Lake Weeroona

When we went: Friday February 6 (and again Thursday April 2)

How we got there: On our first trip, Vline Bendigo train from Southern Cross station (the trip is about 2 hours). On our second trip, we drove up from Melbourne, about two hours depending on the route.

Activity summary: Walk in Rosalind park, Linear creek walk to Weeroona lake and then back into town. (Subsequent visit walked from the lake to the Botanical gardens.)

What we did (the details): We hopped off the train and headed downhill into town and had a look around. It was hot – so we stopped for a delicious iced coffee at Get Naked Espresso bar (yum!) We had a bit of a look around the centre of town, then wandered down to Rosalind park (via the best book shop!).

We visited the noisy bats at the Fernery and trekked up to the poppet head lookout for some beautiful views over the city. Considering how hot it was, we kind of dragged ourselves up the stairs to the top – but it was worth it. I took way too many photos of the mosaics, but eventually forced myself back downhill and back into town for lunch.

After lunch, it was off to the Linear creek trail. We had initially planned to do the walk to the Botanic gardens and back, but the temperature in the high 30s made us wary. We ended up walking to Lake Weeroona and back, saving the longer walk for another occasion. We headed back to the train station and sheltered there with lots of water and blissful air-conditioning until the trip home.

On our second visit we had much milder temperatures and walked out to the Botanic gardens and back. Regretfully, I have no photos of this trip. The gardens, though small, are beautiful. There’s a walk-through bird enclosure, and plenty of birds in the trees as well. There are some intriguing historic trees – well worth a visit. The Linear creek walk is well signposted, sealed the whole way and completely flat.

Useful information:
Rosalind park:
Map that includes the linear creek trail:

One thought on “Bendigo linear creek walk

  1. It looks lovely, and WARM! Nice to see some bright sunny photos on this freezing day here on the Mornington Peninsula! Thanks for sharing the post 🙂 Bring on Spring…


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