Shepparton and Goulburn river walk

When we walked:Tuesday Feb 17th, 2015

How we got there: Vline Shepparton train from Southern Cross Station

Activity summary:

  • Vline train journey to Shepparton (two and a half hour trip each way)
  • Goulburn river walk
  • Victoria Park Lake walk

What we did (the details):

We caught the 9:32 train to Shepparton from Flinders Street Station. The trip through the northern suburbs of Melbourne seemed to take forever but leaving the city cooncided with bursting into velar blue skies and sunshine. Coincidence? I think not!

Arriving at Shepparton around 12:30, we immediately donned hats and sunscreen and headed off to the river walk. After a bit of map checking we confirmed the correct track and started off west around Goyen reserve.

The day was hot (33C) so we didn’t set a cracking pace, but the surface was bitumen for most of way so the actual walking was quite easy. As the walk left the roadside and headed into the bush, the track became gravel but was nonetheless well cleared and easy to tread. We were worried about snakes so kept to the track; the verges are well cleared so that eased out worries about happening upon one suddenly.

The river was flowing and quite full so it was very beautiful along the banks and we chatted about how nice it would be to canoe it. (We found out later that summer is the time the river is at its fullest.)  Our eyes and ears on the alert the whole walk, we only saw the ‘usuals’ the while way out to Jordan Bend (mynas, magpie larks, heard the occasional cockatoo and corella).

But! Just as we reached the end of the trail we saw a little kingfisher on a post ahead of us! It didn’t let us get very close before flitting off to the trees, but I’m pretty sure it was a sacred kingfisher. Lovely little bird in any case.

We stopped for a snack and some water and turned to head back. On the way back we cut some corners by walking back along the Boulevard, then cutting back onto the track at Princess Park. The return journey was rewarded with some large flocks (80+ birds in one tree alone!) of Sulfur crested cockatoos and little Correllas quietly roosting in the trees by the river. We also spotted a couple of quiet kookaburras in lower branches, patiently watching the grassy verges.

We completed the river walk by curving around the back of the aquatic centre, following the path around the lake. Lots of water birds here: ducks, swamphens, coots, herons.

A short break for a cold drink and we headed back to the train station and home.

Other information:

See the Walks in Greater Shepparton brochure for more details

Click to access Walk_in_Greater_Shepparton_guide_-_final_version_May_2013.PDF

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